Chocolate for Two

Chocolate for Two - Maria Murnane I love, love, loved this book. Waverly never fails to entertain me. I love her inner monologues when she's trying to stand up to Jake's mum. I think I would be exactly the same in her shoes. All she wants is for Jake's mum to like her as much as she like his ex Holly. However, Waverly and Mrs McIntyre don't exactly have the same vision for the wedding. Add in a pregnant co-owner who needs replacing soon and her new producer has upped her Honey on Your Mind segment to 5 times a week and Waverly's life is falling apart. She can't be in two places at once, she can't run the Waverly shop and film 5 segments a week of Honey on Your Mind.
This book had the perfect ending. It was super cute. If you love chicklit then I highly recommend this book and this series.