Plus One

Plus One - Elizabeth Fama Firstly thank you to Dianne for letting me take part in this blog tour. As soon as I read the synopsis I knew I was going to enjoy this book. It has a mix of all of my favourite things. I'm really loving dystopia books at the moment too.

Soleil Le Cour is a sweet girl she's no one special and no one really notices her. That is until she makes a plan to kidnap her niece. All she wants it to make her Poppu smile one last time before it's too late. She knows that if he gets to hold his niece she will achieve that. The only problem is her niece is a Ray and her and Poppu are Smudge's.

So she has a plan the only problem is that when she get's herself admitted to hospital the medical apprentice (day boy) treating her is suspicious that she hurt herself on purpose and tells the guards and she is arrested. At first Day boy was so irritating. He was a stickler for the rules and acted very selfishly, however as the chapters went on I grew to love him.

I questioned some of Sol's actions and not sure that they would have played out like that in real life but I really enjoyed the story nonetheless. I thought that the world building was excellent. I really enjoyed the differences between the world as it is and the world that Fama created. The Day and night divide was so crippling to so many people. There are so many families that have been torn apart from it. Yet the world has been like this since 1918.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the dystopia genre mixed with a bit of romance.