One Day

One Day - David Nicholls I admit that I only read this book because, I saw the film trailer and thought it looked good. I heard it was based on a book and I always prefer to read the books before seeing the film. I’d like to say I still have not got around to watching the film. I really liked this book. I liked seeing Emma and Dexter’s relationship through the different years. At first I didn’t like Dexter very much. He was a bit too arrogant. He didn’t treat Emma very well and he thought that he was higher up the social hierarchy than her.

You will laugh and you will cry.(Oh how I sobbed.) There were parts of this book that were hilarious and parts that were so, so heart-breaking. In the end I thought it was quite a realistic love story. This was definitely a marmite love it or hate it book. I hate marmite but, boy did I love this book. Hopefully, I will get around to watching the film soon.