Johnny Be Good

Johnny Be Good - Paige Toon This was my third Paige Toon book and it did not disappoint. With the beautiful setting and the luxurious lifestyle it was hard not to enjoy it.

Meg's predecessor was Daisy (from Chasing Daisy) who as we learn had fallen in love with Johnny and left when it all went wrong. So Meg promised herself that she would not fall in love with Johnny. With his charm and good looks, the parties, the backstage passes, this is more difficult than she anticipated. Throw Christian Johnny's best friend into the mix and things become interesting. I was torn throughout the whole book Johnny or Christian. Both were equally yummy and I can see why Meg has such a hard time.

Paige has a knack for making you never want to put her books down and I definitely could not stop turning the pages. A funny, sad, heart-breaking and romantic book.