Lucifer - Annabell Cadiz Firstly I would like to thank Diane at Oops! I Read A Book Again for letting me take part in this blog tour and for Annabell Cadiz the review copy I was sent. This of course has no way affected my review. This is the first of many blog tours that are coming up before the end of this year and I hope you are all very excited about them. Anyway back to the book. I loved it. It was exactly what I look for in a Fantasy book and is perfect for this blog.

I instantly loved Zahara and her best friend Becca. They are your typical teenage girls. They want to date the boys their parents don't approve of, sneak out to see said boys when they should be at home and spend lots of time at the Marshmallow Cafe. I seriously need one of those, preferably between my home and work. In between all of this they are kicking some serious butt.

I loved Zarah's parents Mia and Solomon. They were so in love it made me smile and hope that when I have been with my partner for as long as they have been together I am as happy as them.

Now Rekesh and Bryan. To be honest I never trusted either for them. Throughout the entire book I was waiting for them to turn on the girls. There was just something off about them.

I thought this was a great read and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into Micheal when it is released, which I believe is very soon.