The Howling Heart

The Howling Heart - April Bostic, Trevor E. Donaldson, Elena Dudina Firstly I would like to thank Fiction Addiction Tours for letting me take part in this blog tour. I would also like to thank April Bostic for my review copy. This of course in no way affects my review. I thought this book was great. I loved the story.

Paige was an easy character to sympathise with. I lost my mum at a young age and I understood her pain when her father died. I did think she rather quickly went from “oh my boyfriend just cheated on me” to “oh I’m in love with Riley”. I mean I understand he was sex on legs but I just found it a little fast. She certainly proved her love for him though.

Talking of Riley He’s also sweet, kind, caring and thoughtful. He’s also strong and would do absolutely anything for Paige. I found his dedication to her to be extremely romantic. Oh and did I mention he was hot?

I really loved Quinn. She was a fantastic character and her and Paige were really their for each other in the difficult times.

I thought this book had a great ending but I would love to read a sequel or short story follow up to see what happens next.