I Wish There Were Baby Factories

I Wish There Were Baby Factories - Julie Weinberg Firstly I would like to thank Mickey and Natalie at Julia Drake PR for sending me this book to review. This in no way affected my review. Wow what a story. It was literally heartbreaking.

Lauren was such a good person, all she wanted was a baby. I know so many people that have babies that didn’t want them or didn’t really try for them. they just happened and reading page after page of Lauren’s story was awful. I was crying on the tube!

I thought Mack was a great husband. He did so well to hold it all together for the both of them. there were times when I thought he might leave but he neve did he stayed throughout the bad times. For better or worse.

I thought Bart was a fantastic work husband. I admit half the time I didn’t understand some of the legislations when people throw legal jargon at me i tend to skip over it, but i don’t think it was essential to the story to understand it. They had a great working relationship loved the Chairman. She was fantastic. she really cared about Lauren and I couldn’t have been happier that she wanted to pass a law to help people like Lauren.

This was a really heart wrenching tale but Julie showed us that even in the most desperate and despairing of times there’s always hope and a reason to smile just around the corner.