Wind and Shadow

Wind and Shadow - Tori L. Ridgewood This book was my little haven the last few days.

Rayvin oh beautiful Rayvin. I loved her. I felt sorry for her, being run out of her own town when she was so young and had no one else to go to. I found her witchcraft intriguing. It’s different from most other witchcraft I have read about.

What did I think of Grant Michaels? Well to be honest I didn’t like him very much. He believed his lying toe rag of a friend for years, he was extremely fickle. One minute he loved Rayvin the next he hated her. It was difficult to keep up.

de Sade was a very interesting character. You wanted to hate him for everything he’s done but a little part of you also felt sorry for him. He’d been alone for so many years that you just wanted him to be happy.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a perfect mix of fantasy, paranormal and romance. I can’t wait to read the others in the series and will be making space in my shelf for Tori’s other books.