If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew - Zanna Mackenzie Firstly thank you to Shaz at Fiction Addiction Book Tours, for letting me join in on this tour. It’s always a pleasure touring with you.

This book was great. It had a beautiful setting and such wonderful characters. The pace was perfect, faster in some places than others. I didn’t find myself racing through this at the beginning but after I got around 40% of the way through I raced to the end.I couldn’t put it down. The suspense in the book was spot on, not too long that you got fed up and not too short.

Faith is such a great character. She is quite stubborn but she is also determined and hard working. She built her coffee shop up from nothing. If that girl knows one thing its how to get what she wants. That is except a man. Faith has been pretty damaged since her relationship with her first love Aaron. She has never quite recovered from how it ended and has built quite a few walls around her heart.

Zane is a fully trained activities co-ordinator. He has moved to town to run/own the outdoor acitivty centre with his business partner Matt. Firstly he sounds HOT. Might have to get over my fear of climbing, do you think he will help me? Sorry sorry I got a bit distracted there. There is an instant attraction between Zane and Faith but both are pulling away. Faith beacuse she doesn’t want to get hurt again and Zane because he doesn’t have time for a relationship and to run his business.

When they both finally give in and try to make a go of it along comes Matt and ruins the whole damn thing. He constantly causes trouble between Zane and Faith.

There was a whole host of excellent supporting characters in this book. I think my favourite is Zane’s sister. I just loved her, she really made me laugh.

I would recommend any chicklit lover out there to pick this book up today.