The Half-life of Hannah

The Half-life of Hannah - Nick Alexander Today is an exciting day! We have two yes TWO blog tours!!!. The first is The Half life of Hannah and the second is Other Halves both by Nick Alexander. Thank you to Shaz for letting me take part in these tours.

I loved this book. I honestly couldn’t put it down.

I found the scenes and the story to be very realistic. I enjoyed the typical family arguments. When you’re the one having the arguments they are infuriating. However when you watch or read about someone else’s arguments they are entertaining and sometime down right hilarious.

The flashback scenes were good, they provided just the right amount of back-story without giving away too much too soon.

This book had a great host of characters. Tristan was hilarious and a great BFF. Jill was a bit of a liability but she really bucked her ideas up and came through. Part of me hates cliff and part of me just feels sorry for him.

This story will have you reeling though the emotions from laughter to worry to shock. As soon as I finished I couldn’t wait to read the sequel which incidentally is the second blog tour today.