Other Halves

Other Halves - Nick Alexander After reading the first book I didn’t think it would get any better, but I’m glad I was wrong. I LOVED this book.

This book really hit home for me. Being a child of divorce I could really understand Luke’s point of view in this and to be honest I think he handled it pretty damn well. I was not that mature at his age.

It also really helped me see how his behaviour affected his parents. Whether he hurt them or pleased them. It was quite enlightening.

I enjoyed seeing Cliff grow into the person he really wanted to be. In the first book I hated him quite a bit but in this book I came to understand him and actually felt upset for him. His whole life the person he wanted to be as not the person he was because he had been conditioned to think that this was wrong or abnormal. I find this quite heartbreaking.

Hannah shined in Australia and I think this should have been her true home.

I had happy tears streaming down my face at the last few scenes of this book. It was so sweet. Please go buy them both now..