Schasm (Schasm Series)

Schasm (Schasm Series) - Shari J. Ryan I literally just finished this book and I am totally and utterly confused.

Chloe drifts between two worlds reality and her imagination.

Her reality is pretty crappy. Her parents keep her locked in the house all the time. I’m unsure if it’s because they are ashamed or because they think she may potentially hurt herself or someone else.

In her imagination Chloe meets Alex. He is damn hot and totally in love with her. But the question is, is he real?

Chloe and Alex go through multiple “realities” or versions of her imagination. To be honest I’m still not quite sure what was happening. The back and forth totally lost me. It was quite thrilling all the same.

I’d say this is a darker and more confusing version of Wonderland and while I still don’t really know what the hell happened I enjoyed it all the same.

I am honestly looking forward to reading the rest of the series.