Crazy Undercover Love

Crazy Undercover Love - Nikki Moore Thank you to the Gosling Girls for letting me take part in this blog tour. Harper Impulse hasn’t been around long and I haven’t read as many of their books as I would like but the ones I have I have really LOVED. I’ve been in need of a book like this for a little while so as soon as I read the synopsis I jumped at the chance to review it.

The main character in this book is Charley. She is a very stubborn but also very hard working girl. She left the little village she grew up in, against her parent’s wishes, and worked hard to get a job she loved. She has a flat she loves with her best friend Jess and life was well life was perfect. Then enters Tony. He is a slimy, evil, little s**t and he ruins everything.

After months of trying to get her life back on track Charley is desperate to say the least. Then her friend Amy has a crazy idea that might be Charley’s last chance. So then Charley is off to meet Mr CEO Alex Demetrio. What Charley doesn’t factor into her equiation is that Mr CEO is hot. Not your average yeah he’s pretty good looking no, no, he is sexy as hell/drop dead gorgeous/the only man she has ever really really wanted and the one man she can’t have. I loved Alex, I could see why Charley was in such a sticky situation. Apart from being hot he’s too worried about what everyone thinks of him and just a tiny bit of a workaholic.

I started this book thinking oh I know how this book is going to go down but around every corner Nikki threw a curve ball. Then I would think yeah I know it will end like this and then BAM! another curve ball. It was great. I was constantly kept guessing. I urge you to click that little link up there and buy this book it will be the best 99p you have spent in a long time.