The Bookshop on the Corner

The Bookshop on the Corner - Rebecca Raisin

Who said that only real heroes could be found in fiction?


Sarah Smith had an addiction – she was addicted to romance novels. The meet-cute, the passion, the drama and the gorgeous men! Now this wouldn’t have been such an issue if she hadn’t been the owner of the only bookshop in Ashford, Connecticut.


Ever since her close friend Lil, from The Gingerbread Café, had become engaged she had been yearning for a little love to turn up in her life. Except Sarah knew a good man was hard to find – especially in a tiny town like Ashford. That was until New York journalist, Ridge Warner stepped into her bookshop…


Love could be just around the corner for Sarah, but will she be able to truly believe that happy-ever-after can happen in real-life too!

As soon as I finished Chocolate Dreams At the Gingerbread Cafe I couldn't wait to read The Bookshop on the Corner.


This book is all about Sarah Smith. I loved Sarah. She's a quiet, timid girl who loved her books. Sarah loves nothing more than snuggling up in the reading room of her shop with a good read. I think I would LOVE Sarah's shop. With the books stacked haphazardly all over the place a cozy fireplace oh and did I mention the books....


With Lily and Damon being so sickly sweet in love Sarah is feeling a bit down. She wants a man like the ones in her books. The men in her books never let her down. Then along comes Ridge. He looks exactly like a carbon copy of her book boyfriends. the big problem....he is some big city New York journalist. Sarah thinks big city boys can't be trusted. He wants to write a story on the shops in Ashford. He visited for the Chocolate Festival and he fell in love...


I really loved Missy and would absolutely love for Rebecca to write a book about her. She's an excellent friend to Sarah. She really helped her to see that she needs to put her self out there a little. Hiding away in the bookshop she might not have her heart broken but she also won't experience real love.


I loved the story about the old couple who donated the books for the reading room. It was so sweet I had to swallow the tears.


I really enjoyed this story and would love to keep hearing about Sarah and her books as well as the rest of the Ashford gang.