A Whispered Darkenss

A Whispered Darkness - Vanessa Barger

When Claire Mallory's father leaves, her mom moves them to a new town and into a dilapidated Victorian house. 

The old house creaks and whistles, and smells well -- like it's been abandoned for years. But as the nights grow longer and the shadows take on substance, Claire wonders if the strange sounds and occurrences might be more than the house showing its age. 

Just as things start to pick up in Claire's love life, her mother becomes possessed. In an attempt to save her mother and their new home, Claire enlists the help of two boys, each of whom is interested in Claire for different reasons. As she chooses one boy over the other, something dangerous is unleashed, and the spirits make their move. 

They aren’t content to moan and scream inside Claire’s house, or even control her mom. They want a taste of freedom, and she’s their key to getting it. But is Claire strong enough to fight off the evil spirits, or will they claim her and her mom before it's all over?

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I struggled to begin this review. Not because I didn't enjoy the book but because I went on such a journey through the last few chapters that it was hard to remember how it all began.


Claire, her little brother Grant and her Mum move into this very old house. Claire has always had a gift but something happened and she's to afraid to use it. When they move into the house Claire can tell that there's something not quite right. There's something evil lurking in the house but she brushes it off as paranoia.


I liked Claire. I felt sorry for her because of all the things her father put her through.


Haven is the boy next door. Well as next door as you can get to Claire's house. He's pretty cool but she can tell he's hiding something. Then again so is she....


Bryan is the other boy next door. He's a bit creepy and Claire doesn't know what to make of him. She tries to be nice to him but ultimately she knows something is off.


I found myself struggling to get into this book and then before I knew it I was 50% of the way through and I didn't want it to end. The last few chapters are pretty intense.


Vanessa has left me longing for more of Claire and I hope she writes a sequel to this book.

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