Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky - Paige Toon So I read Lucy in the Sky while on holiday. I just loved it. Just as you’re about to get on a 24 hour flight is not the best time to find out your boyfriend is cheating on you, so to say Lucy’s flight was eventful is an understatement. I instantly hated James and thought his explanation was, essentially, crap. I was sitting there screaming, “don’t believe him he’s lying!” Nathan on the other hand…..Sorry got a bit carried away thinking about Nathan there. He’s hot, he’s fun and he surfs. I mean do you really need much more in a man. I loved how much description there was for both London and Sydney. Paige has clearly spent a lot of time in both locations. I enjoyed Lucy and Nathan’s jokes. I thought it was cute. This is a great chick-lit read that will have you hooked from the beginning.