Lying to Meet You

Lying to Meet You - Anna Garner Anna asked me if I would like to review this book for her. This is the first time anyone has asked me to do this and I was very excited. After reading the synopsis I instantly knew this was the kind of book I would choose to read and immediately said yes. It took me around a week to read this but the majority of it was read over two days. My weekdays don't allow much time for reading so the majority of this was read over the weekend.
Anyway on to the book. I love Chloe, she's cute, she loves to shop and she makes clothes, but at times I did wish she had a bit more self esteem. She definitely should have asked for more money for the show. Isabel and Veronica were great side characters as was Julian. I don't think a girl could ask for better friends. Now on to the two main guys in this book. I will start with Mr Hotshot William Shannon. He was unquestionably hot and powerful. I could see what attracted Chloe to him. Now on to Ethan. Ethan started off in my head as this dependably friend but, you know, nothing special. A good guy, not unattractive but not someone who you would say was downright sexy. However the more I read the more I changed my mind and he became sexier and sexier. Two hot guys in one book, what is a girl to do?

The last few chapters I found, were the best. I just couldn't put the book down. I just had to know what was going to happen next and the ending did not disappoint me. If you love Chick-lit then I would definitely recommend you read this.