Sea of Love

Sea of Love - Melissa Foster The first few chapters are set at Max and Treat's wedding and all I can say is man does Treat know how to throw a wedding. It was beautiful. I loved it and after hearing so much about the dress in Friendship on Fire it was excellent to finally picture Max in it.

Lacy Snow is a brave woman. She has a phobia like a huge phobia and she faces it. That is an achievement. I really liked Lacy. I thought she was a very sweet, clever girl and she had clearly fallen for Dane. Big time! It was obvious from the very first chapter how much she had fallen for him even if she didn't quite know it herself yet.

Kaylie and Danica were excellent sisters. They could have hated Lacy being their half sister and all, but they show nothing but love and concern for Lacy as well as a lot of support.

Dane has what I am becoming to realise is the usual Braden traits loyal, kind, caring and sensitive. Oh and of course stupidly gorgeous. In friendship on fire we catch a slight glimpse of how much he likes Lacy but this multiplies a million times in this book. I really loved seeing the twists and turns in his relationships with Lacy, his best friend Rob and his family.

The Bradens are a loyal family. Once you are in the fold you are protected for life and I love that. I also love Hal's saying "Family knows no boundaries" it is especially true for this family. I can't wait to read Savannah and Hugh's stories in Bursting for Love and Hearts at Play.