Hearts at Play (Love in Bloom: The Bradens, Book Six ) Contemporary Romance

Hearts at Play (Love in Bloom: The Bradens, Book Six ) Contemporary Romance - Melissa Foster Throughout the series Hugh has been the one that lives life in the fast lane. Always dropping in and out of the family events, he loved his family but he needed his next thrill. Until Sea of Love,when we began to see a different side to him. He wanted to spend more time with Dane. Now a few months on and Hugh meets Brianna.

Brianna or Bree and little Layla found a way into my heart. I loved them from the very first pages. Bree is a kind caring and protective mother to little Layla everything she does is for that girl. I mean she hasn’t even looked at a man in 6 years, yes SIX years! She has so many walls around her heart I thought Hugh was never going to be able to break them down.

Hugh is like the rest of his family loyal, kind, caring and loving. He loves living life in the fast lane but watching all his siblings settle down he realises he’s a bit lonely. He wants that special someone in his life.

Kat and Mack were very good friends to Bree. I loved how straight talking no nonsense Kat was. She gave it to Bree like it was.

I love how Treat has a special relationship with each of his siblings. He cares about all of them with his big damn heart. Helping each of them exactly when they need it.

The end of this book was so sweet. I had little happy tears. It was the perfect ending to this series.