Slope of Love

Slope of Love - Melissa Foster Thank you to Shaz for letting me take part in this tour. Anyone who regularly reads this blog must know by now that I am quite the fan of Melissa’s Love in Bloom Series.

Rush is very similar to Blake, from the first Love in Bloom book. He lives fast and hard. He has a different woman every night. Then one morning after another sleepless night something snapped and he realised he didn’t want to be like that. He realised he was looking to fill a void that could only be filled by one person. I really enjoyed seeing the other side of Rush and watching him grow throughout the book.

Rush and Jayla have been best friends since she was 13 and Jayla has been in love with him pretty much ever since. She is stubborn, determined and hard working. She is also very clever. All she’s ever wanted is to ski so when something threatens to wreck that she panics. Jayla worked extremely hard to get to where she is and she won’t let anything ruin that. She can only see her self as a competitive skier she can’t imagine what she will do if she can’t do that or who she will be.

This book has a bit of everything love, romance humour and drama. The ending was also super sweet. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.