A Moral Dilema: 1

A Moral Dilema: 1 - Zara Kingsley Thank you to Shaz at Fiction Addicton Book tours for letting me take part in this book.

I'm a child of divorce and broken families so nothing angers and upsets me more than cheating. I would never cheat on my boyfriend and if I ever even suspected that he was cheating he would be out on his ear. So when Rebecca catches Jeremy cheating on her after many years of suspicion I was proud of her for dumping his sorry ass.

Abby and Juju are really good friends to Rebecca. They help her through the Jeremy situation and gave her two pretty good perceptions on Isabella's request.

It's a pretty odd request. I don't think I'd ever ask a someone to attempt to seduce my husband, so the whole time I was wondering what Isabella was up to, that she must have an ulterior motive.

There were some funny scenes especially those at the gym involving Gus.

This is a fun and entertaining read.