The Prophecy of Arcadia (Arcadian Wars)

The Prophecy of Arcadia (Arcadian Wars) - M. H. Soars Thank you to Diane at Oops I Read It Again Tours for letting me take part in this blog tour. As soon as I read the synopsis I couldn't wait to read this book. This was a really good book. I know some people might be hesitant to read this as this is the debut book from the author but I urge you to give it a chance.

There are lots of characters in this book. Alexia has 6 protectors. Zach, Sean, Matt, Samantha, Mel and Mia. Alexia thinks they are her cousins. Alexia doesn't know about Arcdia, special powers, the prophecy or her part in it. She thinks she is an ordinary girl with a lot of cousins.

This book is written from 3 POV. Alexia, Sam and Matt. While you may think this might get confusing it's not. They all have very different voices so it's pretty easy to work out who's POV it is even in the middle of the chapter.

I really liked Alexia. I enjoyed seeing her character develop throughout the book. I'm intrigued to see how she will change in the next book. ]

Sam was definitely my favourite "cousin". She was cool and she always wore the best clothes. She's a good friend to Alexia but she was pretty rubbish at keeping Alexia's secrets from the rest of the group.

Matt was very interesting. I didn't quite understand his power or how it worked. I hope there's a bit more clarification in the next book.

I'm not sure that I trust Julian. There were a few weird scenes and I'm really interested to see how his character develops throughout the series.

All the "cousins" had different personalties and it must be hard work for Gary living with so many teenagers. I found Sean really funny.

I absolutely loved this story and can't wait for book 2 and the rest of the series. I'm excited for how the prophecy will unveil.