The First Time We Met: The Oxford Blue Series #1

The First Time We Met: The Oxford Blue Series #1 - Pippa Croft Tomorrow we have a blog tour stop for the second book in this series but I thought you would all like to know what I thought of book one first.

I have to admit I don't know too much about the lives of the Alexander Hunt's and the Rupert De Courcey's of this world. I don't really know anything about their traditions, their hobbies or their way of life. I can totally understand how Lauren felt when she is thrown into this world.

I like Lauren. She is easy to relate to. While she may have wealthy parents she is very down to Earth. She's not fazed by how much money Alexander has and to be honest she couldn't care if he lost it all.

Alexander is a stubborn, sexy, damaged man. He's been through a lot and it has definitely shaped his life. I don't want to give too much away but damn is that boy hot.

I raced through the ending of this book because I was enjoying it so much. The tensions are running high and it's a pretty explosive last few chapters that definitely kept me on my toes.

This book is sizzling and exciting as well as glamorous and dramatic