The Story Of Us

The Story Of Us - Dani Atkins

Emma Marshall can't wait to marry her childhood sweetheart, Richard. But then a tragic accident changes everything, and introduces a stranger, Jack, into her life. Gorgeous and mysterious, Jack is like no-one Emma has met before. But Richard is the man she loves... 

Two different men. 

Two different destinies. 

How will Emma end her story?

Firstly thank you to Becci Sharpe at Head of Zeus for sending me a copy of this book.

Ok I feel I have to give you a warning before you read this book. Do not start it when you have somewhere to go. I was crying within the first few pages and I was sitting on the bus on the way to work. Not a good look let me tell you.


The story starts off at Emma's hen do. She's due to marry Richard, her childhood sweat-heart, in two weeks. Unfortunately, the night it does not end on a happy note. The three girls end up in car accident and in comes gorgeous Jack.


Emma is pretty cool ( I mean we share the same name she had to be right). I instantly identified with her. I was crying when she was crying (which was a lot). I really felt for everything she had given up to be there for her family.


I didn't really like Richard. I found that he just took Emma for granted. I think he always thought they would end up together. He was also pretty rude to Jack when he had just saved his fiancée's life.


Jack on the other hand I LOVED. He was sweet, kind and oh so heroic. swooon.


I loved Caro and Amy. I had a feeling about what would happen to Amy and I guessed what she was thanking her for pretty early on.


This was a very moving, loving story I don't want to ruin anything for anyone but just keep some tissues with you at all times while reading this book.


I would definitely recommend both books by this author to everyone.