I Heart Paris (I Heart #3)

I Heart Paris (I Heart #3) - Lindsey Kelk As soon as I finished I Heart Hollywood I just had to pick up I heart Paris. Alex proposes a very romantic trip to Paris where it also happens that his band are playing. But unknown to Angela Alex's ex is there...the one who turned him into a slutbag. Bob Spencer also proposes that Angela write a piece for Belle, a prestigious fashion magazine, on Paris and the best places to shop, drink and generally spend your vacation. After a very long plane journey Angela arrives in Paris only to discover that her suitcase was blown up at JFK. with all the lovely clothes that Jenny gave her as well as her beloved Louboutin's. After this things only get worse. She spends the week trying to write an article as well as stopping Solene (the ex) trying to jump into Alex's pants. Angela has such a rough time in this book. Being screwed over by Cici causing her career to be on the line, believing that her relationship was in tatters because of Solene all caused Angela to really question why she was still living in New York and should she just go home? After a train ride to London followed by an automatic return to Paris for both Angela and Alex, Alex nearly missing the gig and the bitch fight on stage in front of the entire crowd, its a very dramatic and exciting resolution.