Honey on Your Mind (Waverly Bryson #3)

Honey on Your Mind (Waverly Bryson #3) - Maria Murnane When I heard there was a 3rd Waverly book I was so excited. I loved Perfect on Paper and It's a Waverly Life. If you haven't read these then I highly recommend them. Moving to New York is a big change for Waverly. But, this was an opportunity she couldn't miss. Bringing Honey on Your Mind to TV who could turn that down? It was hard for her to leave Mckenna and Andie but, Paige, Andie's cousin, made a great confidant and friend. Paige is enlisted to help Waverly expand Honey notes into something bigger. As with the first two books I couldn't stop laughing. Waverly and Jake are now in the same time zone, which Waverly hopes will bring them closer. However, holding down two demanding jobs, leaves Waverly with little spare time. Then, throw in Jake's ice cold mum and things become a little more difficult. This was a great easy read which, I highly recommend.