About a Girl

About a Girl - Lindsey Kelk I think I may have just fell in love.... From the location to Tess to Kekipi to Nick. Where do I start. At first I felt like I might be cheating on Angela (I Heart series) a little bit but I soon realised Angela and Tess would be besties if they ever met. Tess is a LOT like me. Firstly we are both big boobed, huge issue when it comes to shopping but lets not go there. I have also been the hopelessly in love girl that is waiting for the guy to realise she's the one, let me tell you it did not work out so well. Anyway back to the story....When Tess arrives in Hawaii she meets Nick (the gorgeous journalist) and he does nothing but infuriate her from the minute she meets him. Now I have a little confession. I am a little bit in love with Nick. I know he's a bad boy but I think that may be part of the fun. I loved every page. I am a little sad I have finished already. I envy everyone who is yet to read this book. It was funny, romantic and just down right loveable. I CANNOT wait for next summer and the release of What A Girl Wants.

(Lindsey if you read this....#TeamNick)