Ghosts of the Falls

Ghosts of the Falls - Sarah Gilman Usually I don’t get on well with short stories. I never feel like I get to know the characters enough. However Sarah is very good at making you feel like you have know this character for ever. She give a very detailed description of them. their personality as well as their appearance.

i instantly like jade. she was a girl who was different but longed for a normal life. After messing up big time she knew she had a lot of making up to do to her brothers. I felt her pain of growing up in a male dominant environment. I have five brothers myself and was always out numbered.

Dutch, he was a very lonely but sweet man. After haunting the park for such a long time Jade made him feel alive again. He couldn’t think of anyone better to spend his last hours with.

This was a great read it had an excellent ending which I did not see coming. I would love to have a sequel to this to see how the characters are getting on.