Coming Home for Christmas

Coming Home for Christmas - Jenny  Hale Ahh it was amazing. It actually took me a few pages to realise it was in America. I was expecting it to be set in an country estate in England.

I thought Ashford sounded beautiful. I loved the Brook. It sounded so pretty and it meant so much to Robert. Ashford is full of history which I really liked.

I really loved Allie. She was a natural with Paul and Sammy, she was definitely born to be a teacher. At first I wanted her to be with Kip at first but I soon realised her & Robert were made for each other. The more I read the more perfect I thought they were for each other.

Pippa was the best Grandma, she really cared about her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Even if her and Robert were always butting heads she was always thinking about him.

Sloane, Megan, Allie’s mum were all great characters. Anna was a great cook, I seriously need some of her hot chocolate.

I thought the ending was perfect. It was so sweet. I really loved it. If you love Christmas and a really heart-warming tale then you will love this book.