A Cinderella Christmas

A Cinderella Christmas - Holly Kingston Firstly thank you to Kerry at Novelicious for sending me a copy of this book to review. This of course in no way affected my review.

I loved Lucy. I thought she was great. She was really nice and would do anything for anyone. Her only problem she had absolutely no confidence in herself. A bit of a problem for someone who performs...on a stage.... in front of lots of people. I did want to slap her for following Charmaine around like a little puppy dog.

Ugh Charmaine. I hate her. I litteraly could not stand her. Any time she was mentioned I wanted to roll my eyes. She was a selfish little tramp. I just wanted to punch her for being so mean.

I love love love Ben. I thought he was so sweet. I was sitting there the whole time thinking wouldn't it be great if he ends up with Lucy. I mean they are like perfect for each other.

I love Lenin. I felt sorry for him because Charmaine clearly couldn't give two craps about the little dog. I thought the elf outfit Lucy bought him was sweet. I really wanted Lucy to take him away from Charmaine and keep him.

I was very happy about the ending of this book I thought it was perfect.

This is a fantastic Christmas read.