Love & The Goddess

Love & The Goddess - Mary Elizabeth Coen Firstly thank you to Fiction Addiction Book tours for letting me take part in this blog tour.

This book has many different parts so I’m going to try to break my review down that way.

Firstly we have the online dating part soon after Kate’s marriage breaks up. I found these funny, outrageous and some of them down right unbelievable! The things these men would say were insane! It made me appreciate not needing to date.

The next section was in Brazil when Kate goes to visit the healer. I don’t believe in a god or a higher being or anything like that. I haven’t done for a very long time. I think when bad things happen to people personally they go one way or the other. They believe more or they stop believing, for me I stopped. I just couldn’t fathom that there was someone up there watching that would let me be so hurt and upset. I do believe that when we die there is place where we all go and we can look in on our loved ones but a god nope definitely not. I can understand why Kate had reservations and why she was nervous when she arrived believing in unconventional things is difficult.

Then there was the trekking in Peru I thought all the sights sounded very pretty and there was lots of spiritual places. I really enjoyed hearing about meditation techniques and different types of beliefs.

After this Kate returns to Ireland. I thought it was really good to see her standing up for herself when she returned. It showed that although she had a long way to go she had really changed and learnt a lot on her trips.

I was really glad to see that Kate made the right choices in the end. I was really rooting for the decisions that she finally made.

Lastly I would say that this is a book to dip in and out of rather than a fast paced can’t put it down book but it shows us that not everything in life needs to be so fast paced.