Bursting with Love

Bursting with Love - Melissa Foster Savannah is strong and brave, but is a mess after finding her boyfriend, Connor Dean, in bed with another girl again. She's let that toe rag back time and time again and something in her has clicked she wants to be treated better she deserves to be treated better. So what doe she do? She sends herself on a survivors weekend. Little did she know it would help someone else more than herself.

Jack is essentially an angry mess. He blames himself for what happened in his past and he doesn't know how to cope. It was amazing to see Savannah break down those walls and make him see that life was worth living again, that he could love again.

Their path is painful. There are lots of hurdles to overcome but together they are stronger.

Jack reuniting with his family it must have been hard for him, especially trying to make it up to his father. But he knows that family is important to Savannah and it was once important to him. He knows it's going to be a difficult road but he needs to find his way back to them. I really liked the Remingtons. I am interested to learn more about them. I love Siena, she was like a breath of fresh air.

I savoured every page of this book because I knew that after this there's only one more Braden sibling left. I'm not quiet sure I'm ready to let them go yet, so I'm hoping they will feature in The Remingtons books.