Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star - Trisha Ashley This was such a sweet and loving story.

Cally was such a loving and genuinely nice person. She was such an easy person to like and you were routing for her from the beginning.

Jago was such a kind man, he had been so badly hurt by Aimee whic he didnt deserve. He was also very patient with Cally and her other priorities.

Stella was the funniest child. I absolutely loved it when she was talking to old people, it was hilarious.

I hated Adam and Aimee but I did think they made the perfect couple.

Ma and hal were great characters but I was a little worried about Ma always leaving things in the wrong place.

I loved Toto the dog and Moses the cat. they had such an odd but sweet relationship.

There are so many characters that play a part in making this such a great book, I loved how the whole village came together to help. Trisha has written another fantastic book.