Essence - A.L. Waddington This book has a very unique idea. I was extremely intrigued by it and very excited when I was offered it for review.

I absolutely loved Jocelyn. She is very different yet, very similar across the two eras. It was very interesting seeing her in both situations. It also showed the differences between women in 1878 and 2009 and how much had changed in 130 years.

Jackson was hot, very hot. He was quite funny and very intriguing. in 2009 he’s he new boy in town and that makes him all the more appealing in 1878 he is a perfect suitor for Jocelyn.

I really enjoyed seeing the difference between 1878 and 2009 and how the episodes unveiled.

I’m going to tell you a little story about when I was reading this book. I was on the coach my way to Rome airport to return back to Ol’ Blighty and there i was reading away thinking I had maybe a chapter or two left and bam the book ended. I was like what? but I’m not ready. I had no interent, no wifi and no means of getting the next book. I was in such a book hangover let me tell you. It did however make me extremely hungry for the next book.

As you can tell I was not ready for this book to end and I am so glad that I will very soon be starting on Enlightened.