Crash (Lights and Sirens)

Crash (Lights and Sirens) - Ruby McNally I enjoyed this book.

Taryn is really messed up. Her family is a mess. She doesn’t want anyone getting to close because then they will have to meet her family and she really doesn’t want that. she wants to pretend she is normal. I think she is really strong. They way she looks after her little brothers and sisters is really sweet. She does whatever she can for them. I think she is a sweet girl but she has so many walls around her heart that breaking in will be a difficult task for anyone.

Nick is finally coming to terms with losing his wife. He is finally starting to move on. He is a really good guy. His sisters are a pain but they are just looking out for him. They love him and want him to be happy.

Emily is a really, really good friend to Taryn. Probably a better friend than she deserved.

I liked the ending of this book but to be honest I am unsure where book 2 will go.