Cowboys & Kisses (Teens of Black Falls, Texas)

Cowboys & Kisses (Teens of Black Falls, Texas) - Sasha Summers I really liked this book.

Allie is pretty messed up. She didn’t want to move to Black Falls. She just wants to graduate and get the hell out of town. Before Black Falls she was your average teenager. A bit selfish and always wanting to party. Then it all went wrong. She thinks everything is her fault. There was this big mystery around why they left and why she was so messed up. I guessed what had happened after a few chapters.

Then Allie meets Wyatt. The hot sexy cowboy next door and though it takes her a while to admit it she’s not so sure she want’s to leave anymore. He’s genuinely the nicest guy. He’s been through hell and back and still helps everyone. He’s had a lot of tragedy in his life but he’s still a nice guy.

Dax was pretty great twin. I really liked him I felt pretty sorry for him at times but he was always good to Allie.

I thought that Wyatt and Allie were such a sweet couple. Their love healed each others wounds.