Adorned (Trinity of Souls #1) - Georgeann Swiger This book was excellent.

Anya is a sweet girl who is struggling through high school and hating every single minute of it. She’s a bit of a late bloomer and it doesn’t exactly make her very popular. Then bam she finds out she’s an angel. I loved how much trouble she caused for Micah.

Micah is stubborn and annoying as hell but totally loveable. He’s a solider and is used to orders being barked at and by him and them being followed. He doesn’t quite know how to handle Anya which is very entertaining.

I loved Eli. He is my favourite character. He’s highly eccentric and always dispersing awkward situations. He made me laugh out loud with his outfits. I hope we see more of him in the future books.

I honestly don’t know h0w I feel about Simon. I’m on the fence as to if he is good or bad, I guess I will have to read the next book to find out more on him. Aunt Celeste was great and I liked Sam too.

I loved how unique this story was, with the angels starting off as humans. It made it even more enjoyable. I honestly cannot wait for the next instalment of the series.