Take Me Home

Take Me Home - Daniela Sacerdoti Hello and Welcome to the first stop on on this blog tour. Thank you to Shaz at FABT for letting me take part. This was an absolutely wonderful story. This story is told from 3 different points of view; Inary's, her brother Logan's and her friend Alex's.

The prologue is a flashback to when Inary was 8 years old and it shows her fist discovering her gift.

Then we return to the present day Inary. She's working and living in London. She has left her brother and her unwell sisters in Scotland. While she is trying to get on with her lift she is a little broken. Part of her is in love with Alex but after how her last relationship ended she can't bring herself to let anyone else into her heart.

A typical night out with Alex turns into a night of passion. Inray wakes up full of worry and makes a big mistake. Then she hears from her brother that her sister's condition is now critical and she must return to Scotland.

We then follow Inary's return to Scotland and her journey. I found this really touching and inspiring. How she managed to cope without her voice for such a long time.

While Inray's in Scotland Alex is in London and he's torturing himself. He's in love with Inray but he doesn't see it ever working. He tells himself he must move on and she's never going to be ready for another relationship. These scenes are very difficult to read.

This was a really touching story. It's extremely well written to the point where you can feel the character emotions jumping out of the page. This was a story full of pain, suffering and loss and you feel every part of this. I welled up a lot.

I would honestly recommend this book to everyone.