The Second Time I Saw You

The Second Time I Saw You - Pippa Croft Thank you to Shaz at Ficiton Addiction Book Tours for letting me take part in this blog tour.

OMG!!! So I totally loved the first book, as you can see from yesterday's review which you can read here, and immediately read b0ok 2 and now I am dying to read book 3.

I enjoyed seeing a different side to Alexander. I liked seeing his relationship with Emma. It was pretty explosive as all brother/sister relationships. Me and my brothers argue like crazy but deep down we love each other it's the same with Alexander and Emma.

I loved seeing Lauren grow throughout this book. She goes through so many ups and downs I felt quite sorry for her. She was determined to stay away from Alexander, telling herself that he's no good for her but she gets thrown in the deep end and has to contend with both of the Hunt siblings.

Rupert is as evil as ever. Oh boy do I hate him. Valentina is no better. I hate the pair of them. In fact I think they would be perfect for each other.

I loved this book as much as the first and with another explosive ending I cannot wait to read book 3.